Building Backlinks With Submission Sites – What You Should Consider

As you probably know, a good source of backlinks is using Directory Submission, Press Releases, Articles, Forums. Still, this method fails in providing quick PageRank boost because Google takes into account only one inbound link from a certain root domain.

Basically you’ll get the PR benefit from a submission platform just through the first link pointing back to your website; the future ones are only useful for generating traffic.

Another deficit is represented by the considerable amount of work that must be invested in order to see results in your traffic reports.

But then again, there is no such “magic formula” that will guarantee you dominate your niche in SEO instead, it is required to have a well thought out strategy for doing this; and submission platforms must be taken into account.

Getting backlinks from submission sites is an indispensable method, especially if you’re starting and have no link juice to share or trade with your potential link partners.

Making the most out of this linked resource is the reason why I wrote this article. Let us start.

Guidelines To submit your business website to submission directories

There is no doubt we are witnessing a downfall in directory submission quality, but there are still a handful of them that are worth submitting your business to, such as Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, Best of the Web, Gimpsy and Search Sight.

Here is how to do it:

 Guidelines for building backlinks with press releases

 The results you get with a press release campaign depends on those who pick up the press release. The press release is a great source of one way backlinks.

Here’s what you should consider:

Getting backlinks from forums

Search for those that allow links and do-follow links.

Also, be sure to avoid counter-productive behaviour like terrible typos, solid rocks of text, poor headlines, excessive quoting, “pimping” signature files, pushing links and philosophical replies, to name just a few.

 Guidelines to follow when using Article Submissions to build backlinks

Another great way of getting one way backlinks to your website, limited only by frequency and quality of the work you put into it.

Here is a short starting guide:

Before you passionately check your traffic stats, make sure you’ve submitted at least 25 articles (per directory, if you’re also interested to know which directories produce results). Massive traffic can be obtained once you’ve accumulated around 250 articles.

If you have a handful of highly trafficked articles, consider starting a linking campaign for them and improve their authority in SEs. This will be reflected on your targeted webpages.

Other alternative backlink sources can be sponsoring and advertising on blogs, joining charity groups and, highly profitable, establishing cooperative relations with dot.orgs and dot.edus websites.

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