Google Drive Tutorial – Creating and Uploading Files and Folders

Google Drive Tutorial – Creating and Uploading Files and Folders

This Google Drive video tutorial will illustrate how to produce and upload folder and files from Google Drive.

Google Drive Tutorial - Creating and Uploading Files and Folders

This Google Drive video tutorial will show how to create and upload files and folder in Google Drive.

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  1. Please do the following: (1) slow down in speaking; (2) please articulate your words–unfortunately, you are slurring much of what you say. For example: your name came across as I’m Jimmy (slurring)–I have no idea what your name is. Reading the other comments, I see that this is a common complaint. Are you under time constraints? Possibly, because you know your topic thoroughly, it is natural for you to speak rapidly–after all, how hard can it be? Right? But, for those of us who are new to this, we do not understand what you are talking about. Please be patient and lead, not push us, into this. I have to continually go back, trying to pick up on what you are saying. It’s hard enough to try to learn something new, without having to deal with communication issues too. Many people, by habit, speak rapidly. Please slow down. Articulate clearly. Remember that this is new stuff to us and we need to be brought along. Watch your video and you’ll see what I mean. Thank you.

  2. A kindly suggestion; I’m an old fart [69 years old] with a few degrees and I’ve been in the teaching arena for MANY years in art, music, English, writing, etc., etc….and, so, whether it’s received well or not, when I have a chance to help someone with a suggestion, I do…because a few moments from me can change years for someone else. So, with that said, you teach on your video like you have a time limit; you speak quickly…and move quickly and give quick examples. Over the years I’ve learned that it is FAR BETTER to reach as many students I can the first time I say something….rather than having to repeat myself many times.

    So, speak to the mean target of your audience…in speed…in clarification…in diction…and in exemplification. Try this…watch another video teaching about something you know nothing about…see what your learning speed is…and then slow that down a few bits more. Speak slowly and relaxed [it will truly relax your listeners]…move slowly…the person watching wants to learn from you—that is why they are there in the first place—so show EVERY STEP while you explain that step. So, that’s it…my suggestion. I will watch your video a few more times so that I can learn what I need…because you moved much to fast to just see it once. Thanks RISH

  3. how do I create Folders in my Photos? I.e I have a bunch of photos on my google drive. I want to organize them in folders. Good work. Cheers

  4. Dude! Your voice is so monotone! ……"Tip" for you, when talking, breathe between jumping from one thing to the next…… and say the word "next" I’ll show you xyz. Otherwise your content is good, I got what I needed. Now, I need a aspirin.

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